Safe Use of Pesticides and Granular Applicators Refresher

At a Glance

Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical demonstration
The expected duration for the course is one day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructors to learners.

Refresh your practical skills and knowledge of using pesticides safely and confidently with our dedicated one-day refresher course.

Overview in brief

Granular applicators help to control insects, weeds, and diseases.

Our one-day refresher will aid your understanding of the entire process, from storage to application.

It will help you refresh and develop your existing knowledge of health and safety legislation, enabling you to keep on working with pesticides effectively.

The finer details

This course is designed for people using vehicle-mounted or trailed applicators regularly.

Our experienced instructors will cover any updates in key legislation, the importance of keeping and maintaining clear records and understanding any changes on product labels.

They'll also confirm your competence in preparing, setting up and using this equipment safely and effectively.

We'll also cover key decontamination and storage techniques.

Course sessions:

  • The basics of granular application
  • PPE and personal hygiene
  • How the applicator works
  • Preparation of the equipment
  • Calibration
  • Site work
  • Decontamination, storage, and recording
  • Identifying faults.

Worth noting: To be eligible for this course, you must be able to proficiently operate and drive the appropriate vehicle.

Who should attend?

Our course is aimed at anyone using professional pesticide products in industries like agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

What will be covered?

Not only will you leave with a greater grasp of best practice, you'll be able to:

  • Identify and describe how granular applicators work
  • Prepare and set up granular applicators
  • Choose and use the correct type of applicator for a given product and situation
  • Set and check the application rate for an application
  • Fill the applicator accurately and safely
  • Operate the applicator safely and efficiently
  • Decontaminate the machinery safely
  • Service the machinery
  • Select the correct PPE when using granules
  • Clean and store machinery correctly
  • Accurately record information.

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