Shooting Grey Squirrels for Red Squirrel Conservation

At a Glance

Assessment Type:
Observation Paper
Delivery Method:
Classroom and practical
5 days
Recognised by:
Red Squirrel Networks
Course Prerequisites:
No licence Required. Air Rifles under 12 ft/lb.

This course offers suitable individuals the opportunity to provide the evidence to support they are competent to be permitted to enter private land in possession of an air rifle and to cull grey squirrels in order to conserve red squirrels.

Overview in brief

The course covers all aspects to show an individual is competent to cull grey squirrels on feeding stations using an air rifle of sub 12ft/lbs.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in conserving our native Red Squirrel.


What will be covered?

This course covers:

  • Air rifle Safety
  • Law for both England and Scotland
  • Competency in the use of Air Rifle
  • Best Practice
  • Planning a Shoot
  • Transporting Air Guns
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pellet Choice
  • How to Zero
  • Respect for your Quarry
  • Maintenance of Air Guns
  • Disposal
  • Life cycle of Grey and Red Squirrels
  • What food should be used in the feeders
  • Squirrel pox
  • Disposal of carcasses.

There will be a written examination, continuous assessment in safe handling of air rifles and a shooting test.

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