Lantra is keen to work with training providers who want to demonstrate the quality of their own products to their customers. To enable you to do this, we've developed “customised provision”.

Having your own courses accredited by Lantra, provides you with an independent mark of quality and your successful learners with a Lantra Awards certificate.  

Through customised provision, you retain ownership and control of your course. You can review it at any time to make sure that its stays up to date and fit for purpose.

Benefits of Customised Provision:

  • Your training is quality assured and accredited by a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation
  • Course delivery covered by Lantra’s insurance*
  • Lantra branded certificates with an option to add your own logo
  • Option to include a Skills ID Card (photo required)
  • Use of Lantra branding on your marketing materials
  • Promote your course on our website and in our “Product Directory”
  • No fee to approve additional courses
  • No fee to register Instructors.
*excludes professional indemnity