The Apprenticeship journey - Alison Payne's story
Alison Payne shares her Apprenticeship experience

Published on

December 15 2021

As an End Point Assessment Organisation we’re delighted that we’re now beginning to see plenty of enthusiastic new Apprentices pass through the new apprenticeship process with Lantra.

How does the new Apprenticeship Standards work?

Apprenticeship Standards are written by the industry, for the industry. They include an assessment plan produced by ‘trailblazers’, who are employer-led groups who develop the Standards. This ensures the Apprentice is truly industry ready at the end of their training.

The Standards are designed to support and guide the Apprentice through their work-based learning journey with constructive appraisals, the development of practical skills and knowledge and behaviours, all complemented by off the job training.

The final stage of the apprenticeship is an End Point Assessment (EPA), by an End Point Assessment Organisation such as Lantra.

One of our most recent success stories is Alison Payne who has successfully completed her L3 Poultry Technician (breeding pathway) Apprenticeship.

We’re always keen to find out about our Apprentices and discover what motivates them. We recently spoke to Alison about her experience and here is what she had to say.

Alison Payne

What does a real Apprentice think?

When asked what motivated her to choose a career in the poultry industry, Alison recalls being passionate about animals from a young age. As a child she bred canaries and hand raised a rejected cockatiel. She even remembers wishing for pet ducks and chickens, however due to her living arrangements, it wasn’t feasible. Therefore, she was thrilled when she came across an ad in her local paper recruiting for a position in the poultry industry – the first step in getting her career in the sector started.

With experience in the poultry industry, great knowledge of poultry husbandry and pedigree birds, Alison knew that doing an Apprenticeship with Cobb would give her the opportunity to widen her exposure to the industry and further her career. She described her Apprenticeship journey as interesting, fulfilling and eye opening with the training being relevant to her work which overall inspired her confidence.

Alison described the best thing about her Apprenticeship was the way in which her assessments challenged her to search for information and answers she didn’t already know. Her tutors were always a great support to her, as well as her colleagues and Cobb, who were always at the other end of the phone in case she ever required information or help with her coursework.

Alison did come up against some challenges during her Apprenticeship journey. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and Covid-19 restrictions, Alison was not able to have farm assessments with her tutors or attend in person courses. However, that did not stop her from giving 110% to her studies, and now has the confidence to lead her team with the knowledge and skills she gained from her Apprenticeship.

Alison’s tutor from Poultec Training Limited, Nathan Raines explained how she relished the opportunity to develop her knowledge and skills.  “Alison showed an excellent attitude towards the training programme and was also keen to learn about as many aspects to the industry as possible.  It has been a pleasure to be Alison’s tutor throughout her programme and watch her confidence increase and see her flourish in her new role as Farm Manager.”

When asked about her future career aspirations, Alison tells us she plans on establishing her position at Wickman House by putting into practice everything she has gained from her Apprenticeship journey. In addition, she plans to continue to help develop the farm as well as share everything she has learnt with her team to enable them to do a good job with great understanding of the poultry industry.

Everyone at Lantra wishes Alison all the best in her career with Cobb. Her enthusiasm and dedication are exemplary, qualities not lost on Lantra’s CEO, Marcus Potter

As an EPA organisation we’re delighted that enthusiastic and competent apprentices like Alison are starting to pass through the new assessment process with Lantra. This is exactly what the land-based sector needs to ensure it’s prepared for the future. We’ve worked closely with all parties behind the scenes to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible even when faced with the challenges of Bird Flu. It’s great to see the ‘end product’ - a highly competent and qualified Apprentice ready, willing and able to put their knowledge and experience to good use”