Battery Operated Equipment – New Forestry and Arb Course Live Now!
battery operated equipment

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December 20 2019

We’ve recently launched a brand-new course, Battery Operated Equipment, which can be delivered alongside our current suite of forestry and arboriculture courses.

This course was developed following feedback from our network of Training Provider Partners and Instructors as well as input from the forestry and arb industry.

Many employers feel they cannot allow their employees to use battery powered chainsaws and pole pruners as they have not been trained in the battery aspect of the machines. This highlighted a gap in what we offer as an awarding body and an organisation that specialises in developing training courses.

Lantra Provider KNW is keen to train users in battery operated equipment as well as our existing forestry and arb courses.

“Over the past few years we have seen businesses move towards using battery operated chainsaw equipment. There are many advantages such as them being lightweight, easy to start, environmentally friendly, less noise pollution and are safer due to the reduced risk of kickback and an added bonus of less maintenance.

The new Lantra Battery Powered Equipment course is perfectly suited for our clients who are now using battery powered chainsaws and pole saws".

We have developed this additional short course in response to growing demand for battery powered equipment in the forestry and arb industry. The course will primarily be delivered as a bolt on to our existing chainsaw maintenance courses, although it can be delivered as a standalone course if required.

Once Learners have completed the course, they will receive a certificate of competence for Battery Operated Equipment demonstrating they have met the requirements of PUWER. 

If you’re interested in delivering this course or would like more information, please contact Sean Duffy

Check out our Battery Operated Equipment course!