Better Livestock Handling for Increased Profitability
Sheep in a Field

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April 17 2019

All livestock handling involves a risk of injury; while many farmers sustain minor injuries working with livestock, serious accidents are a common occurrence, resulting in lost time and extra expenses due to serious illnesses, and on occasion, fatalities.

The efficient and safe handling of cattle is crucial on every livestock farm to ease the movement of stock while keeping the risk to the farmer as low as possible.  All too often people think bulls are the greatest risk, whereas any agitated or stressed livestock can be equally dangerous.

Poor handling can also have a detrimental effect on animal welfare, which can lead to weight loss, bruising and dark cutting of meat – estimates suggest that this bruising and darkening of meat costs the UK beef industry around £14 million per year.

Lantra offers high quality training that highlights several techniques that are useful to understand cattle behaviour and to how design/improve handling facilities – Better Livestock Handling for Increased Profitability.

This one day course is open to all, however, if you are under 16 years of age parental consent is required.  During the day you’ll spend some time indoors discussing issues around livestock handling, with some time then spent on the farm to look at moving cattle and handling systems. 

Never under estimate the risk from livestock, even with good precautions in place!