DEFRA Open consultation - The future for food, farming and the environment
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February 3 2018

Consultation on “Health and Harmony: the future for food,  farming and the environment in a Green Brexit”

Leaving the European Union and the Common Agricultural Policy will give England the chance for reform. DEFRA want to know your thoughts on the future of agricultural policy in England.


‘Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit' sets out the government's ambitions for farming in England and seeks the views of all readers on its proposals.

Why DEFRA Are Consulting

The proposals in this paper set out a range of possible paths to a brighter future for farming. They are the beginning of a conversation, not a conclusion and DEFRA want everyone who cares about the food we eat and the environment around us to contribute.

DEFRA are hosting a ten week consultation from 27th February to the 10th May. 

To access the consultation paperwork please follow this link to the Consultation Page.  Once you have read through the consultation paperwork, you can either reply to the consultation on-line using Citizen Space (online consultation tool), e-mail or written correspondence, all details are available at the above consultation link.