England Woodland Creation Offer Scheme now launched
Looking up at a woodland

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June 9 2021

With trees at the forefront of the Government's plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the England Woodland Creation Offer scheme (EWCO) has officially been launched today (9 June 2021) to support woodland creation and tree planting in England.

The new scheme is set to support the creation of a range of woodlands, providing financial incentives for landowners and farmers to plant and manage trees, with £15.9 million available in the first year. 

The grant is administered by the Forestry Commission and is funded through the Nature for Climate Fund.

The grant will cover costs for tree planting (up to a per hectare cap of £8,500), along with annual maintenance payments of £200 per hectare for 10 years. Incentives for providing public and wider environmental will also be available.

Additional contributions are available for certain categories such as nature and species recovery, tree planting near watercourses and rivers and reducing flood risk etc.

The scheme is open to landowners, tenants, occupiers and licensors who have full management control of the land in the application (or consent from those who do). 

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