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December 21 2018

As a member of the Farm Safety Partnership, Lantra is committed to developing tailored and relevant training, designed with the primary aim of protecting the health and safety of the UK’s farming and rural communities.  

Every year, the agricultural sector is struck by far too many accidents and injuries that often result in fatalities. High-quality training can minimise risk and reverse this trend.

The Farm Safety Partnership has recently commented:

“In light of concerns raised about certain farm safety practices shown on Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm, the Farm Safety Partnership would like to reiterate that it is unacceptable for any farmer, farm manager or farm worker to carry out unsafe practices or take unnecessary risks on their farm. It is clear that agriculture has considerable work to do in order to improve its safety record, with latest figures showing that the fatality rate among agricultural workers is the poorest when compared to all other industrial sectors in Great Britain.

“Protecting the health and safety, and ultimately the lives, of the people who live and work on farms is the most serious duty for any farmer. It is critical that farmers take all the necessary steps to protect themselves, their families and their workers from any unnecessary risk and or unsafe practices.”

"We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the following points in relation to child safety on farm:

  • Children should not be allowed in the farm work place (and for young children they should enjoy outdoor space in a secure fenced area).
  • Any access to the work area by children under 16, for example for education, or knowledge experience, should be planned and fully supervised by an adult not engaged in any work activity.
  • Children under the age of 13 years are legally prohibited from driving or riding on any agricultural machine."

Please always ensure that health and safety is a maximum priority at work