John Beavan reviews the latest EGO battery-powered mower
John Beavan with EGO mower

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November 4 2021

With consumer demand growing as individuals and businesses look to switch to greener and more convenient options, the global market for battery-powered landscaping equipment continues to rise.

Over the past couple of years, battery-powered technology has improved considerably, with models now boasting significantly longer run times, shorter charging times and even more cordless options.

First launched in the United States in 2012 and Europe in 2014, EGO Power Plus is one of the leading battery-powered brands for high-performance cordless outdoor power equipment. Their innovative 56V Arc Lithium batteries work across the full range of their tools, which include mowers, strimmers, chainsaws, blowers and chainsaws.

We’ve partnered with EGO Power Plus to provide our training partners with a range of battery-powered equipment to help support the launch of our battery powered equipment course.

John Beavan MHort (RHS), Senior Training Manager at the award-winning Nurture Landscapes, has been using the LM1903E-SP 47cm self-propelled mower during his day-to-day commercial tasks.

John notes that for a mower used in training or daily tasks, it is important for the model to be:

  • Easy to transport and handle, ideally folding flat for transport or storage
  • Capable on a wide range of area sizes, using various cutting heights
  • Easy to operate safely, with well laid out controls
  • Provide good adjustability for a varied range of operators
  • Provide good visibility of power levels and interchangeable batteries.

John commented “This mower features all of the above attributes, plus many more. Furthermore, while you might not initially think grounds maintenance operators particularly care about the appearance of the machines - they do. As professionals who regularly visit several different public and private sector clients to maintain their displays to the highest standards, it’s beneficial to create a good impression of your brand – especially when you’re on display in the public to potential new clients. In short, this is a well thought out, good looking and feature packed model which is excellent in every way.”

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