Lantra and the HSE launch new farm health and safety e-learning training
Farmer with phone standing by a tractor

Published on

September 20 2021

In 2020-21, 41 people were killed in agriculture and around 12,0001 serious injuries were reported. Every death and injury has devastating and life-changing consequences for individuals, families, businesses, and communities, and nearly all of them are avoidable.

To help address persistently high rates of death and serious injury, Lantra has worked with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop training that will be affordable and accessible to every farmer. Our new Farm Safety e-learning course focuses on the most common causes of farm accidents, such as:

  • Falls from heights
  • Moving vehicle accidents
  • Crushed or trampled by cattle
  • Contact with machinery
  • Drowning and asphyxiation

It gives simple practical advice on how to keep yourself and your workforce safe and how to meet your legal responsibilities.

Also, because it’s e-learning you can do the course wherever and whenever it suits you. The course is in bite-sized modules, so you don’t have to do it all at once and when you’ve finished, you’ll get a certificate to prove it.

Both Lantra and HSE have heavily subsidised the development of this course, to make it as affordable as possible, so we are able to offer it for just £20.

Everyone thinks “it won’t happen to me”, but if you drive a tractor, ride a quad bike, handle livestock, or operate farm machinery, 12,000 people just like you were killed or seriously injured. They didn’t think it would happen to them.

This training could be all it takes to prevent you or a work colleague from losing an arm, a leg, their eyesight or even their life.