Lantra's Companion Animal Webinar a pawsome success!
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June 16 2021

On Friday 28th May, Lantra hosted a webinar to launch it’s first suite of training in the Companion Animal sector. The webinar featured a range of speakers from the industry, including Justine Williams Our Family Dog, Vicky Skinner from Pet Industry Federation, Caroline Johnson from Vetpol Ltd as well as the Lantra Chair of Trustees Heather Peck.

Lantra began to develop training in the Veterinary medicines sector around 2 years and the discussions then evolved to look at moving more into the Companion Animal sector.

Background to the New Courses

After talking to industry bodies and stakeholders within the sector, the first phase of development began in early 2020. A range of stakeholders were contacted to look at where first developments should take place and why they were important starting blocks for the industry.

Training courses to match changes and updates to legislation were mapped out and developed in collaboration with the stakeholders and industry partners, particularly focusing on The Licensing of Activities Involving Animals (England) Regulations 2018

The legislation states that: “suitable and sufficient training of people responsible for the care of the animals must be demonstrated to have been carried out in the following areas:

  • Recognition and first aid treatment of sick animal and abnormalities
  • Dog welfare - including recognising poor welfare and understanding the 5 welfare needs”

Organisations and pet professionals who fall under this legislation are required to have written training plans which identify knowledge gaps and plan ongoing Continuous Professional Development, in order to continue to improve animal welfare. This clearly highlighted a specific need for demonstrable training in the sector.

With COVID-19 and the accompanying lockdowns seeing huge increases in puppy purchases, and therefore an increase in Pet Professional services, the different sectors of training needed to be pulled together in an easily accessible suite. .

Lantra worked with industry partners to create qualifications, national standards and a suite of training courses to help enable pet professionals to demonstrate that they are putting the welfare of people’s animals at the forefront of their business, and that they know what is required to work with animals.

The Training Suite

The first phase of courses include:

  • Transportation of Dogs for Pet Professionals
  • Canine Communication and Body Language
  • Dogs and the Law
  • Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines
  • Business Set-Up for Pet Professionals
  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Canine Health & Welfare

More information on these courses can be downloaded here.

The majority of these courses are currently delivered online via the Lantra e-learning webpage but more face-to-face courses are being looked into for the second phase of development.

The Webinar

You can find videos from our partners Our Family Dog taking you through the Getting a Puppy course and Vetpol discussing SQP courses, along with Lantra staff members Sean Duffy and Paul Bruton giving an overview on the suite of courses and the e-learning platform:

Sean Duffy, Lantra Head of Industry Partnerships for Companion Animal, said: ‘It has been really rewarding for all of the team at Lantra to work with our industry partners knowing that the courses we have created together will improve animal welfare. This is a new sector for Lantra but we are keen to work with organisations to provide training and education solutions for industry.’

What's Next?

Lantra is also in the final stages of the approval process with RCVS for the Level 3 Work Based Diploma in Veterinary Nursing which we are aiming to offer to centres from September onwards, as well as the Apprenticeship.

If you are interested in finding out more about these courses or what to explore working with Lantra to create courses, please contact Sean Duffy.