Lift Trucks – What does Industry want?
Lift Truck

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May 4 2022

Whether you’re maximising storage capacity on a farm or moving goods around a busy warehouse, the lift truck is an invaluable piece of kit.

Highly manoeuvrable and flexible in both indoor and outdoor environments, lift trucks come in several guises to suit specific tasks. But one thing is for sure - be they telescopic, counterbalance, reach, rough terrain, or side-loader - without the correct training they are all potentially dangerous.

Lantra boasts an extensive range of Lift Truck courses that have been developed in conjunction with industry for industry. But we never get complacent. The key to what makes Lantra courses so successful is not only the unrivalled quality of our training materials but, the fact we are constantly checking to ensure our testing standards meet the needs of industry.

Unsurprisingly, with application across a wide range of industries, our Lift Truck courses are some of our most popular and are therefore one of the top priorities for our new product review process. A review of the entire Lift Truck suite is expected to be completed by October 2022.

The Lanta Awards Advisory Committee (LAAC) has already met. This included a range of manufactures and industry representation and several suggestions have been put forward for consideration. Including –

  • Removal of time penalties on the assessment.
  • Creation of presentations to aid with course delivery.
  • Splitting the technical guide from one, to a technical guide per machine
  • Removal of attachments, and instead listing if the attachment was hydraulic or non-hydraulic – This is currently in discussion with the HSE to see if viable.

Over the coming months, the Lantra team will be working with our Providers, Instructors, and industry stakeholders to ensure all proposed improvements are fully considered and adopted as appropriate.

Lantra is committed to training people to work safely, productively, and sustainably in the workplace and only by continually reviewing our course content, can we ensure we consistently meet the ever-changing needs of industry – employers and staff alike. 


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