Spotlight on a Specialist - Mark Robinson
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July 29 2019

In our second edition of 'Spotlight on a Specialist' we had a chat with Mark Robinson, an approved Lantra Instructor in ground based and aerial chainsaw operations, hedge trimmers, woodchippers plus much more.

Take a look what Mark has to say about life as a Lantra Instructor. 

What made you decide to consider a career as an Instructor?

I had been in arboriculture for a while and had employed a few people always enjoying the challenge of training them myself and felt I would like to give something back and to try make a difference to the industry in a small way.

What work experience had you had before you made your career change?

I had been involved in arboriculture for many years running a small company. In the time before I started training, I had worked for the Crown Estate at Windsor Great Park where training staff was important and made me realise the importance and value of CPD. Also, my boss at the time was a trainer and he inspired me.

What drives you towards a role that’s focused on improving skills in the sector? 

I enjoy seeing see people develop, often starting with little experience and confidence and sometimes low self-esteem and developing into competent operators. Most often a lot happier and wanting to further develop their skills.

What do you enjoy about working with Lantra? 

I like to train using an established, well known organisation who people associate with quality.

Is there such a thing as a typical day in your job? 

The content of a day’s training is broadly the same depending on the course. What has kept me interested with training and assessing over the past 15 years is the challenge needed to bring a group of people with sometimes no experience and knowledge to competent operators. So, in that respect every day and every course is different and far from typical.

What’s the best thing about your job? 

Seeing people’s confidence and abilities grow during a course. Even sometimes if they are not ready for assessment but have achieved more than they expected.

What advice would give to anyone wanting to work as an Instructor? 

Try to remain open minded and prepared to learn themselves. I feel that as years go by, I am continuously learning new skills myself not only in the skills I'm teaching but in the methods I use to deliver the training. It will take a while to get it right but it’s worth the effort.

Did you know you could earn c£250* a day as a freelance training Instructor?

We’re currently looking for skilled and experienced industry experts to join our team as Instructors to deliver our courses in Landscape, Plant, Machinery and Agriculture.


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