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February 14 2019

In response to recently introduced requirements for Pesticide sprayers to hold a License to Practice in 2015, Lantra has introduced a suite of Pesticide training and qualifications which has gone from strength to strength. Last year alone saw four qualifications added to the pesticides suite, enabling Lantra to equip operators with vital skills and knowledge across multiple industries, from amenity and arboriculture, to groundcare and greenkeeping.

In recent years, the landscape industry has increasingly found itself fighting a battle of restrictions on the use and availability of chemicals. Perhaps equally pertinent, is the public’s increasing knowledge of, and focus on, the perceived negative effects of the use of chemical products in the sector. This was heightened by the Monsanto court trial in San Francisco, emphasising the importance of responsible chemical use. It has therefore never been more important to look to at an integrated approach to weed management, to strike an even balance between safety, success and sustainability.

Lantra worked closely with industry experts, such as Ground Control, LanGuard and Hortech, to develop its Awareness of Integrated Weed Management training course. Targeted at decision makers, this one-day course provides learners with knowledge of non-chemical weed control options available and enables them to weigh up the pros and cons of each. Not only will they walk away with a nationally recognised certificate, they’ll also gain a vital understanding of how chemicals and their alternatives can be used in partnership to create a successful weed management strategy and, most importantly, the confidence to implement them in a range of environments.

Responsibility to reduce the reliance on chemicals needs to be acknowledged across the whole of industry. Lantra’s Awareness of Integrated Weed Management training course has proven popular amongst local councils and likeminded forward-thinking institutions such as Harper Adams University so far, but it shouldn’t stop there.

In fact, groundcare specialists can also benefit from this highly focused training. Exploring alternatives to chemicals and implementing an integrated approach to weed control adds a new dimension to groundcare and opens even more opportunities in weed management.

Managing Director of TWR Training Ltd, Jonathan Spibey commented “Our environment is changing, and we need to change with it. As a Technical Verifier with Lantra I believe that this course has the ability to change our perceptions of how we go about managing the weed problem in our industry.”

Increasing awareness is not the single answer to concerns surrounding chemicals, but as this Lantra course demonstrates, it’s an undeniably good place to start.

This year will see Lantra launch a brand new Groundcare Maintenance suite of assessed training courses, including:

  • Groundcare Health and Safety
  • Groundcare Engine Maintenance
  • Groundcare Hydraulic Systems
  • Groundcare Electrics (introduction)
  • Groundcare Electonics (further)
  • Groundcare Cutting Units
  • Groundcare Cylinder and Rotary Blade Sharpening

Working with industry experts, Ian Mitchell, Ian Sumpter and Tom Stidder, Lantra will, as ever, be setting the bar high for quality groundcare training.  

Developed by industry, for industry, this suite of products will provide leaners with the vital skills and knowledge required in groundcare maintenance, allowing them to progress with their   career at a rate that is right for them.

With these exciting opportunities in the pipeline, there’s never been a better time to join the hundreds of highly skilled Lantra Instructors currently delivering our training nationwide.

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