Wales Farm Safety Partnership launches transport and machinery safety campaign
Safe stop guidance

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February 13 2020
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The Wales Farm Safety Partnership (WFSP), a collaboration of the key agricultural stakeholder organisations in Wales, is working together to raise awareness of transport and machinery safety.

The partnership provides advice and guidance in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), previously covering topics including making your family farm a safe place and working at height on the farm.

This month’s farm safety focus is on the safe use of vehicles, particularly highlighting safe stopping and engaging the handbrake as in 2018/19, 14 individuals were killed when struck by a moving vehicle.

The worst offender revealed are telescopic handlers which caused six fatalities, ATVs were next with five deaths, followed by farm vehicles with two and tractors with a sprayer in at one.

To help combat these safety concerns, Wales Farm Safety Partnership has released the following top tips to implement before leaving the vehicle cab, or allowing anyone to approach or undertake work on the machine:

  1. Engage your handbrake
  2. Put controls in neutral
  3. Switch off your engine
  4. Remove your key from the vehicle

Every year farmers are killed and injured because they are run over, trapped and crushed by vehicles in farm yard incidents.

A farmer inspecting his tractor wheels

To make your yard a safe yard:

- Segregate vehicles and pedestrians

- Have adequate lighting, signage, speed limits and mirror in yards

- Avoid reversing - have one way systems

- Beware of overhead cables - make sure visitors know where they are 

- Wear hi-vis clothing

Several short training courses are available through Farming Connect and are funded by up to 80% for registered businesses, including:

  • Agriculture health and safety: preparing for an inspection
  • First aid/emergency first aid at work
  • Level 2 award: health and safety in the workplace
  • Working safely in agriculture/horticulture
  • Height awareness and risk assessment
  • ATV (Sit-astride or sit-in)
  • Tractor driving/front end loader/driving on slopes
  • Rough terrain telescopic lift truck

The skills funding application window closes on 17:00 Friday 28 February. For further information or to apply for funding, please visit the Farming Connect website here.

A list of top tips for safe stop