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May 12 2021

As the saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend.

Evidence shows that the UK has a real affinity for pets and dogs in particular, with a recent report by Statista highlighting that 33% of UK households owning a dog. These animals quickly become treasured members of the families, due to embracing their family as their own pack who they want to love and protect.

Prior to the start of the first lockdown in April 2020, Statista found that 41% of UK households had a pet of some sort and 23% had a dog, with 16% having a cat. These levels have been consistent for around the last decade.

The 2019 PDSA wellbeing report asked people why they decided to own a dog. The most common responses were that the dog brought them happiness (48%), gave them love and affection (45%) and that they provided companionship (35%).

Furthermore, the Maguire Family Law Practice surveyed 1254 people across the UK who are currently in a relationship and have a pet. Only a third of the people they spoke to said they love their partner more than their pet. A third said they love their human companion the same as their animal friend, with 15% of those surveyed stating they loved their pet more than their partner!

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With pets right at the heart of families, people want to be sure that they are well looked after when they are not able to do this. The Pet Professional Industry is booming and dog owners are keen to use reputable professionals to walk, groom or board their pet when they have to go away and leave their dog behind. Pet owners will want to see evidence that the people looking after their pets have the latest training and qualifications, as well as insurance, so that they can trust that their pets will be looked after in the right way.

During the last year in lockdown, there has been a surge in demand for pets as people have looked for companionship and/or finally had the time to settle a new pet into the home. With the end seemingly in sight and the rollout of the vaccination programme, many companies are looking to get staff back into offices, which will mean that some pets are now going to be home alone. This could cause anxiety in pets as they have been used to the company throughout their lives, potentially leading to greater demand for professional pet services.

There are a number of different roles available in this sector, including Dog Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Trainer, Pet Groomer and Animal Behaviourist. Qualifications and training are also available, as well as membership of professional bodies, helping to support you into this sector.

Having a love of animals is a clear requirement, but along with spend time with animals, you will also be able to work flexibly, spend more time outdoors and be able to help people who want the best for their pets.

Lantra has worked with existing industry bodies and professionals to devise a new suite of courses to help support individuals looking to start their own Pet Professional businesses. To do so, professionals should hold a standard of training that reassures pet owners that their pets will be well looked after. If you are specifically looking into dog walking, grooming or boarding, then the following courses would be a great place to start:

  • Canine 1st Aid
  • Dog Law
  • Business Set Up for Pet Professionals
  • Canine Communication
  • Canine Health & Welfare
  • Transportation of Dogs for Pet Professionals

If you want to work with pets, now is the time to start setting yourself up as a pet professional, ensuring that you are trained to the correct level of industry recognised qualifications.

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