NHSS Card Checker August 2020

As from Monday 31st August Lantra will cease to email the Gencarda reports after each Learner registration.  The confirmation email will contain the Learner's name and Lantra unique ID number.   The Provider can then quickly locate and download Learner details from the CITB card checker.  Please click here to see full details including how to check a card on the CSCS website

Highways England Passport Scheme and Highways Common Induction July 2020

This statement was issued on the 24th July 2020.  Please click here to read the statement

Industry update NHSS Covid19 Statement May 2020 - NHSS10

This statement was issued on the 20th May 2020.  Please click here to read the statement.

Industry update NHSS Covid19 Statement May 2020 - NHSS12

This statement was issued on the 12th May 2020.  Please click here to read the statement.

TM CSCS card renewals Update 20 03 2020 

Click on the above or here to see the full update relating to the extension period for TM CSCS skills expiring on cards

NHSS Remote Training

Since mid-March we have been exploring alternative methods of training delivery to give our Providers and Instructors the opportunity to continue to deliver classroom-based training online. This will enable the workforce in this important sector, traffic management and safety fencing, to maintain their skills on their cards as usual by training in a safe environment.    

We recognise that our Instructors are an integral part of the training for their technical knowledge, experience and interactive skills, therefore we have chosen a platform which allows the Instructor to be visible to the Learners at all times and is able to, for example, deliver a PowerPoint Presentation and share course material whilst still in full conversation with the group.

These courses are a great way to address the current challenge industry has in ensuring that the currency of skills is maintained and the workforce remains safe in carrying out their roles. The courses are delivered under controlled conditions by the Instructor with a proctored solution for the online end of course test, which guarantees verification of the Learner through ongoing monitoring during the test.  Please click here to see available training and tests and which Providers are registered to offer them.

If you wish to offer online training and tests your NHSS Providers will need to register themselves and the instructor with Lantra .  Please complete and return the registration form to nhss-highways@lantra.co.uk

Helping to keep your skilled workforce current and safe


NHSS Cards/Certificates - Lantra is currently processing applications received on the 14th August 2020

If you have any queries regarding cards/certificates please contact the Provider with whom you undertook the training.  (please note that this notice is updated on a weekly basis.)


Approved Providers

At Lantra, we approve a network of  Providers across the UK to deliver National Highways Sector Schemes. 

Every  Provider has access to Lantra’s extensive training portfolio of more than 500 training courses and qualifications. 

Once approved, Providers will be issued with a Certificate of Approval to show they have been independently verified and quality assured in accordance with the National Highways Sector Schemes standard.

Below is a list of the National Highways Sector Schemes for which Lantra acts as administrators. 

If you're interested in delivering one or all of the below courses, you can register as a Provider with Lantra to meet your business needs.

12AB Temporary Traffic Management on High Speed Roads
12C Mobile Lane Closure
12D Temporary Traffic Management on Low Speed Roads
10B Permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems incorporating NHSS2B & NHSS5B

To see the list of Lantra's approved NHSS Providers, please download the Lantra Approved NHSS  Providers document at the foot of the page.

Lantra NHSS Training Materials Version Numbers July 2020  Issue 2

NHSS Provider Document V7.2 May 2020

Lantra approved NHSS Providers September 2020


 If you are looking to become a  NHSS provider, please send us an email.