National Highway Sector Scheme Remote Training Launched

Since mid-March we have been exploring alternative methods of training delivery to give our Providers and Instructors the opportunity to continue to deliver classroom-based training online. This will enable the workforce in this important sector, traffic management and safety fencing, to maintain their skills on their cards as usual by training in a safe environment.    

We recognise that our Instructors are an integral part of the training for their technical knowledge, experience and interactive skills, therefore we have chosen a platform which allows the Instructor to be visible to the Learners at all times and is able to, for example, deliver a PowerPoint Presentation and share course material whilst still in full conversation with the group.

These courses are a great way to address the current challenge industry has in ensuring that the currency of skills is maintained and the workforce remains safe in carrying out their roles. The courses are delivered under controlled conditions by the Instructor with a proctored solution for the online end of course test, which guarantees verification of the Learner through ongoing monitoring during the test.


Remote courses available:

NHSS Course Course Code
Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course (TTMBC) 6344
12D T1 Working on Single Carriageways 6338
12D T2 Working on Single Carriageways 6339
12D T3 Static Works Low Speed Dual Carriageway 6340
12D T4 Convoy Working 6341
12D T5 Multi Phase Traffic Signals 6342
12AB General Operative test 6343
12 Impact Protection Vehicle Refresher 6335
10B Foundation Course 6334
10B Installer Course 6337
12D M1 Refresher Test 6347
12D M2 Refresher Test 6348
12D M3 Refresher Test 6349
12D M4 Refresher Test 6350

Further courses will be added to the portfolio in the near future.


Note: We understand that furloughed employees can participate in training as specified within the government guidelines. Please refer to your employer for details.


Providers delivering remote courses:

Please download the document below for a complete list of Providers offering remotely delivered courses.

How to sign up for a course:

Learners can contact their Lantra approved NHSS Providers for details or download the list above for a full index of Providers offering remote training.

NHSS Providers will need to register themselves and the Instructor with Lantra in order to deliver this training. 

Please complete and return the registration form to


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