How Lantra operates 

As a not for profit organisation, Lantra operates under the terms of The Charity Governance Code 2017. 

The Code aims to encourage higher standards of governance and leadership across the sector and is broken down into seven principles. 

These principles are designed to ensure the legal and regulatory requirements of the charity are being met and that trustees are committed to good governance and want to contribute to continued improvement. 

Details of the seven principles of The Code can be found on the Charity Governance website.

Lantra Board of Trustees:

The Lantra Board has two sub-committees – the Audit and Quality Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

All trustees are members of the Remuneration Committee, chaired by Heather Peck.

The Trustees' Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statement (year end 31 March 2021) is available to view.

Members of the Audit and Quality Committee: