Austroads Safety Hardware Training and Accreditation Scheme (ASHTAS)

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Australasian Road Safety Barrier Systems

In partnership with Austroads, Lantra has developed an accreditation scheme for Operatives and Installers working in the Road Safety Barrier (RSB) sector. Our collective vision is to support industry; employers and the RSB workforce in providing a ‘right-first-time’ approach to installations and maintenance activities, thereby embedding best practices and a safe working environment across this industry.

Key Benefits

  • Improved safety of the road worker and road user

  • Reinforcing a ‘right-first-time’ culture, using a recognised Management System Standard (MSS),

  • ISO 9001

  • Demonstrable evidence of maintained and continued development of RSB competency

  • Contracts delivered to road authority specification, on time and on budget


Roles and Responsibilities

Austroads is the association of Australian and New Zealand roads and transport agencies, it is governed by a Board of agency chief executives and senior executives from its member agencies. The Board has agreed to a consistent approach to the installation and maintenance of Road Safety Barrier (RSB), because a number of roads and transport agencies identified that poor barrier installation and maintenance was resulting in poor road safety outcomes.


Lantra is a UK-based charity that develops public purpose training courses


The Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) assesses the crashworthiness and suitability of road safety barriers, systems and devices for deployment on roads managed by Australian and New Zealand road agencies.

What is ASHTAS?

The Austroads Safety Hardware Training and Accreditation Scheme (ASHTAS) delivers a high standard and nationally consistent set of training outcomes for individuals installing and maintaining Road Safety Barriers in Australia and New Zealand.

Why is ASHTAS important?

Run-off-road and head-on crashes are the most common and severe types of crashes, particularly in rural environments and on high-speed urban roads. Installing high-performance safety barriers can create a safer environment for vehicle occupants by preventing vehicles from leaving the roadway and colliding with oncoming vehicles or hazards in the roadside. Safety barriers also protect road workers and others who may be in the roadside industry.


Austroads members, along with the road safety barrier industry, have been concerned about the quality of installation of Road Safety Barriers which may put the safety of the public and road workers at risk.


To address this issue, Austroads worked with Australian State and Territory Road transport agencies and New Zealand along with the industry to introduce a nationally consistent training and ongoing accreditation program to ensure that all Installers and Operatives in the workforce understand how to install, repair and maintain Road Safety Barriers correctly following the manufacturer’s specifications and best practices.

What does ASHTAS comprise?

ASHTAS is a training and accreditation scheme comprising a graduated pathway for individuals.


The individual’s pathway entails entry-level safety and operational awareness, and then generic installation training. An individual can then undertake separate road safety barrier type training, e.g., W-Beam/Thrie Beam or Flexible/Wire Rope Safety Barriers or Rigid RSB etc. For each of the road safety barrier types, associated proprietary specific road safety barrier system training is also provided.


See Operative and Installer requirements.


It is expected in the future that ASHTAS will be expanded to also include a Designer course and an Inspector course.


The e-card and e-Logbook along with the supporting framework are key elements of ASHTAS and the Lantra operational service. These comprise online applications that each trained individual will use and detail their accreditation.

Health and Safety

Organisations are reminded of the legal requirements to provide health and safety training for all personnel.


The training and assessment of competency of personnel required by this scheme is aimed primarily at technical competence in their field of work. It is intended to provide awareness to carry out work in a safe manner; however, it remains the responsibility of the Organisation to determine and implement safe systems of work.

Temporary Traffic Management

Highways Organisations are reminded of the requirements for temporary traffic management on all highways.


All temporary traffic management shall be carried out by an appropriate Organisation with traffic management trained personnel.

ASHTAS Training Progression Hierarchy

Example of training and competency routes to approval, incorporating Operative, Installer, Experienced Installer; Designer and Inspector (future aspiration):

Ashtas Training Progression Hierarchy
Training Hierarchy Diagram(10.22)

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Scheme Manual

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Austroads Safety Hardware Training Accreditation Scheme

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Approved Training Providers

Operatives and Installers

Proprietors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors

Road Authorities

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