Proprietors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Contractors

Lantra is pleased to be working with individual proprietary owners to establish bespoke training modules, for inclusion within the Austroads Safety Hardware Training and Accreditation Scheme [ASHTAS]

Lantra,  Austroads and the Road Authorities across Australasia has already developed a suite of generic and public domain training products for Road Safety Barrier (RSB) Installers and Operatives, which all individuals must complete to be deemed able to install barrier systems.  After the initial short adoption period installers will not be able to install systems if they do not hold the relevant training certification validated by Lantra.

This core training will need to be supplemented by any specific requirements which are unique to your own systems, and this is where we are asking for your help.

Lantra are happy to review and quality assure product-specific training developed by industry, to the agreed templates:


ASHTAS Installer Logbook Assessor Requirements

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ASHTAS Training Package Submission Guidance 0.2

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ASHTAS Workbook Master NH

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Use Of ASHTAS Presentation & Workbook Documentation

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Alternatively, Lantra will work directly with you as stakeholders to develop bespoke training on your behalf for your products.

Lantra RSB product-specific training development: Price on the application;

Note: this fee is dependent on the complexity of product development


Lantra RSB product approval reviews $AUS900

Lantra RSB product approval reviews $NZ996