Operatives and Installers

Find out more about Operatives and Installers, who play a key role for the installation and maintenance of Road Safety Barrier (RSB).


As an operative you are a member of the installation crew actively installing Road Safety Barrier (RSB) under supervision and will need to achieve the specific training as set out in the Austroads Safety Hardware Training and Accreditation Scheme (ASHTAS)


Question: How do I register to become an Operative?

Answer: There are several ways you can register as a candidate:

  1. Speak to your employer who can contact an Approved Training Provider on your behalf

  2. Contact an ATP directly - Please see our Approved Training Providers page

  3. Contact Lantra the awarding organisation: ashtas@lantra.co.uk for further information

ASHTAS Operative approval route summary:

Stage 1

Operatives can maintain their skills at this level or may choose to upskill to a fully qualified Installer of RSB.

ASHTAS Operative skills registration e-cards

E-card: A cloud-based solution operated by Lantra; verifying approved skills of the qualified ASHTAS Operative; accessed via their mobile phone.


Pre-requisites: Achieve Operative status as set out in the ASHTAS document.

As an installer you will have achieved Installer module A training and at least one of the following module B public domain systems training:

  • ASHTAS W-Beam/ Thrie Beam (public domain)

  • Wire Rope Safety Barrier (public domain)

  • Rigid Road Safety Barrier  (public domain)

  • Terminals and Crash Cushions (public domain)

  • Temporary/Workzone Road Safety Barrier (public domain)


Installers are responsible for overseeing and mentoring Operatives within the RSBS crew.

ASHTAS Installer approval route summary:

Stage 2 (2)
Stage 2

For further information of training and competency requirements you and your employer can refer to the ASHTAS Accreditation Scheme Document.

To support you as Operatives and Installers, and your employer, Lantra provides cloud-based solutions to help you maintain your skills and record your progress in this sector.

ASHTAS e-logbooks

E-logbook: A cloud-based solution operated by Lantra and their approved training providers, accessed by a trainee installer or qualified installer, via their computer or mobile phone, that enables the collection and assessment of evidence to keep individuals ongoing ASHTAS accreditation and qualification(s) current.

ASHTAS Operative and Installer skills registration e-cards

E-card:  A cloud-based solution operated by Lantra; verifying approved skills of the qualified ASHTAS Installer; accessed via their mobile phone.