Assessor Guidance

Assessor Registration

All assessors must be a certified Senior Bridge Inspector, attend and pass a short interview arranged by Lantra with a Lantra approved Assessor.


All Assessors will be expected to attend a standard setting event (SSE) every three years in order to maintain their competence and their status as a Lantra approved Assessor ensuring there is consistency across all assessor decisions


All assessors must be registered with Lantra.

Assessor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Bridge Inspector Assessor include the following key tasks:


  • Review the e-portfolio submitted by the candidate and verify whether sufficient evidence has been provided to demonstrate that the competencies laid down in the scheme have been achieved to the appropriate level.
  • Ensure that all evidence is clearly documented and precise.
  • Undertake an interview with the candidate (see Lantra QA process)
  • Confirm whether a candidate has met the requirements to achieve certified Inspector status (Bridge Inspector or Senior Inspector, as appropriate)
  • Provide a written report on the outcome of the assessment (see Lantra QA process)
  • Lantra to feedback report outcomes to candidates. Where candidates have been unsuccessful the report will identify where they have failed to demonstrate adequate competence and advise next steps
  • Participate in Appeals, if required.

The role of an Assessor

The main role of the Assessor is to review and verify whether a trainee / uncertified inspector can demonstrate the competencies laid down in the Core Inspection and Modular Material Competencies. This will be undertaken through a review of the evidence presented in the candidate’s submitted e-portfolio and by an external interview.


Assessors must meet the requirements of Lantra and the technical standard requirements as set by the Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme (BICS).