Candidate Guidance

Introduction to BICS

Lantra runs an international certification scheme for Bridge Inspectors and Senior Bridge Inspectors. The scheme is operated on behalf of the UK Bridges Board and is supported by the Bridge Owners Forum. It is one of the most widely used National Highway Sector Schemes in the UK and has the full support of the Department of Transport (DfT). 


The Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme covers detailed competencies around the inspection of common structure forms and materials, focusing largely on bridge, retaining wall and culvert assets constructed from masonry, steel and concrete, as well as awareness of other less common materials and assets. 


The benefits of the scheme include: 


  • Proof of competence  This scheme provides clarity on the experience and skills required by bridge inspectors, for Inspectors and Senior Inspectors. It also assists bridge owners to specify the skills required, both internally and externally. 
  • Formalisation of knowledge and experience required by inspectors This ensures inspectors are effectively trained resulting in improved levels of consistency when undertaking inspections and capturing defects, as well more informative and accurate inspection reports and interpretation of results. 
  • Recognition The profile/standing of bridge inspectors through the introduction of a nationally recognised scheme will be elevated. The different levels of competence also provide a structured career progression path, which will assist in staff retention and long-term capture of vital knowledge. 
  • Transferrable skills Increased flexibility for organisations with the ability to move inspection staff around and share them with other sectors. 
  • A structured approach to promoting continued learning of Bridge Inspectors Up to date developments and innovation within the industry can be identified where relevant for use in inspections. 


To register for the scheme and to access further information please 

Candidate Registration

Bridge Inspector Candidates and Senior Bridge Inspector Candidates can register by contacting Lantra at Upon receipt of the candidate's registration fee, Lantra will register the candidate here and assign them their e-portfolio.

Portfolio Completion and Assessment

Candidates record evidence in their e-portfolio to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to meet each competency at the required level for either Bridge Inspector (BI) or Senior Bridge Inspector (SBI).


It is essential that the candidate provides adequate evidence in their e-portfolio to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to meet each competency. Each unit has a grading level as follows:


  • Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Proficiency


Specific and personalised evidence is important. Guidance is contained within the e-portfolio which can be assigned to the candidate by Lantra and will made available to them on receipt of payment.


Once a candidate has completed their e-portfolio for all the relevant competencies, the candidate electronically submits this for review here. On notification of the submission, Lantra will appoint an Assessor to undertake a review of the e-portfolio units. Incomplete submissions will be rejected and the candidate will be notified.


It is recommended that the candidate is encouraged to appoint themselves a mentor (optional) to support their progress and to review their e-portfolio prior to submission and professional interview.


On notification of a submission via the BICS platform, Lantra will allocate an approved assessor to review the candidates e-portfolio. Lantra must ensure that all units have been completed.


Once the assessor has completed their e-portfolio review, they will send feedback with recommendations of next steps to Lantra for processing and updating the candidate records.


Lantra records a pass or fail and provides feedback to the candidate on behalf of the assessor.


Pass: Lantra provides the result and feedback to the candidate and then liaises with them to schedule a professional interview


Fail: Lantra advises candidate of failure and details of the assessor report.

Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme Candidate Guidance

Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme Candidate Guidance

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