Lantra delivers small
animal OSCE at
Coleg Gwent

In another step towards full accreditation from RCVS for the Level 3 Work Based Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, Lantra successfully conducted its latest small animal OSCE examination following the delivery of the Equine OSCE at The Open College of Equine Studies in September. The delivery of the OSCE exam reflects not only the dedication of the Lantra team, but also underscores the importance of meticulous planning and execution in the realm of education and assessment.


The Lantra team set the exam up on Friday 20th October at Coleg Gwent with the external Senior and Chief Examiner. Once the tasks were set up on site, quality assurance took place to ensure stations were prepared to Lantra’s required standards ahead of the assessment


The examination, designed to evaluate Learners on a range of practical tasks in a set time period which covered different aspects of Veterinary Nursing, saw a smooth and efficient administration process. From registration to the actual exam day, Lantra aimed to ensure a positive experience for candidates, fostering an environment conducive to optimal performance.


The first cohort of Learners arrived on Saturday morning and were taken for the Learner briefing and identification checks by the Senior Examiner before being led into the building for their assessment. The examiners were all ready and waiting and once the candidates were allocated to their starting station, the two hour assessment started. RCVS was also in attendance for this OSCE.


Lantra's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of fairness and transparency was evident throughout the examination process. Stringent protocols were in place to safeguard the integrity of the assessment, providing candidates with a level playing field and ensuring the credibility of the results.


The weekend did not end here though! The mark sheets from examiners and Learner evidence are going through the rigorous Lantra internal quality assurance processes, as well as being analysed by the Veterinary Nursing Managers and Chief Examiner before issuing results.


Three cohorts of students went through the OSCE across the weekend and the experience remained consistent throughout.


The Lantra examiner team was extremely professional throughout the weekend, ensuring the candidates were presented with consistent stations and a welcoming environment. The Lantra business is very grateful for the work and dedication of the Veterinary Nursing examiners.


This was the second Lantra OSCE event and it proved successful once again. The processes and procedures that the Lantra team have put in place have ensured that robust assessments can take place. A huge congratulations to both the team and the candidates, with the hard work continuing as the results are processed and prepared to go out to those involved.


Having met all of the accreditation requirements for RCVS so far, we continue to work with RCVS to provide all of the relevant information related to the OSCE standard and we're preparing all documentation and evidence for the RCVS Veterinary Nursing Education Committee in December for the decision on full accreditation.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Lantra Veterinary Nursing offer, please do feel free to contact Sean Duffy or visit our website to find out more