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There is a growing awareness of the loss of diversity occurring across many of the UK’s natural areas, and that increasing areas for development of wildflower meadows provides benefits for wildlife and people. Management of such sites is not intuitive, and some understanding of their history, ecology and cultural management will enable learners improve and develop them for the longer term. 


The finer details

Through an explanation of this history of the development of wildflower meadows and current models and principles, learners will gain an insight into the ecology of complex systems. Training in identification of indicator species will enable them to gain confidence in their ability to determine what problems can occur and the management techniques employed to resolve them.

Who should attend?

  • Land owners
  • Estates and facilities management teams
  • Charitable and community groups
  • Local authority green spaces teams
  • Grounds maintenance, horticultural and agricultural contractors
  • Groundstaff and greenkeeping teams

What will be covered?

Upon completion, learners will be able to;

  • Understand and appreciate the general requirements of a wildflower meadow
  • Determine the condition of a wildflower meadow
  • Develop an understanding of the ecological principles at work within a wildflower area
  • Have the necessary information to determine how an area can be improved from a conservation perspective
  • Be able to identify indicator species and know how to set up an effective monitoring system
  • Understand what corrections may be required to reinstate balance into a system
  • Have an understanding of the mechanisms required to maintain a wildflower meadow

Other areas of interest

Basic Management and Maintenance of Ponds and Wetland Areas


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