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Our qualification will assess your knowledge and understanding of everything from biology and behavior, to record keeping and advising clients.

The finer details

We've developed this qualification in response to the legal requirement that a specified certificate should be held before operating as a pest control professional.

Delivery method

Classroom and practical demonstration

Who should attend?

Our qualification is suitable for anyone who manages pests, whether it's those entering work, those who have established themselves in a role, or those working at a supervisory level.

What will be covered?

Our Level 3 Qualification will assess your knowledge and understanding of: 

  • the regulations regarding the control of pest species
  • biology, behaviour and management of vertebrate pests
  • biocide product information
  • hazards and risks associated with biocides
  • personal safety when using chemicals
  • biology, behaviour and management of invertebrate pests
  • safe working practices
  • the requirements for protected areas
  • environmental risks and protection of wildlife
  • how to deal with incidents
  • record keeping
  • advising clients.
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