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Chainsaws are powerful and dangerous tools.

And using them to sever windblown trees is potentially hazardous work.

It is vital to maintain and develop your expertise and knowledge to stay skilled and safe.

Our course will help you do just that.

The finer details

You'll need previous operational experience to take this course.

We require you to be certificated in both chainsaw maintenance and basic and advanced felling techniques as a result.

Our course is particularly relevant for anyone who has to deal with multiple windblown trees in dense coniferous plantations.

You'll be given the opportunity to learn and develop all the skills and appropriate techniques needed to work with confidence.

We'll also boost your knowledge of the guidelines required to keep you safe while you work.

Who should attend?

This training course is aimed particularly at people who are required to deal with multiple windblown trees in dense coniferous plantations.

You will have prior chainsaw operating experience and be certificated in chainsaw maintenance and basic and advanced felling techniques.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify hazards and risks, and produce a risk assessment for the worksite

  • Agree appropriate emergency plans/procedures for the worksite

  • Organise site safety in compliance with current good practice and relevant health and safety legislation and state the procedures required

  • Assess windblown and damaged trees for hazards and risks

  • Select and prepare equipment required for dealing with damaged trees safely and effectively, including hand winches

  • Safely sever windblown trees up to and over 380mm in diameter, recognising tension and compression

  • Safely fell partially blown, leaning and damaged trees

  • Use a winch to control overhanging root plates and/or excessive side tension

  • Process broken trees with broken attached tops that touch the ground

  • Process multiple windblown and broken trees and present produce as specified to facilitate subsequent timber extraction.





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