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Cash flow is a vital part of financial management for your business.

If cash is going out of your business faster than it is coming in then look no further than our course.

The finer details

Our Managing Your Cash Flow course will help you to understand cash flow, how to manage it and make your business more successful.

At the end of the one day course you'll get a certificate.

  • What is cashflow?
  • What information does a cashflow give you and for whom is it required?
  • What criteria are used to arrive at budgeted figures (including gross margins)?
  • Filling in, adjusting and monitoring cashflow sheets
  • Using cashflow as a management tool.
Managing Your Cash Flow

Delivery method


Who should attend?

Our course is ideal for you if you wish to improve your skills and knowledge of cash flow management in order to be more effective at work.

What will be covered?

At the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Draw together the information required to prepare a forward cashflow budget.
  • Use the cashflow to look at ‘what if’ situations and alter it to suit bank overdraft limits.
  • Present the bank manager with the information he needs for bank borrowing requirements.
  • Monitor the cashflow within the business as a means of financial control.

Other areas of interest

  • Financial Recording and VAT
  • Understanding and Using Your Accounts.
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