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Tree-felling is, by its very nature, a hazardous undertaking.

It takes a skilled and confident practitioner to carry it out both safely and efficiently.

That's what you'll become at the end of our intensive three-day training course.

It's ideal if you work in a number of industries, from arboriculture to woodland conservation.

This is a hands-on course that delivers both practical skills and health and safety guidance as well as demonstrating that you and your employer have completed sufficient training to meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

Our course is a perfect stepping stone if you're aiming for a Licence to Practice, and if you're a professional user looking to obtain a regulated qualification, you'll be able to proceed to the Level 3 Award in Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm.

The finer details

Our training is delivered by experienced instructors to small groups. So you'll always enjoy plenty of individual attention.

You'll learn all the techniques and potential hazards to ensure you are confident and safe when felling trees over 380mm.

We supplement our training with high-quality course materials.

And we work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure the latest safe working practices are covered.

Course sessions:

  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • Felling
  • Additional felling techniques
  • Snedding and de-limbing
  • Cross-cutting felled timber
  • Taking down hung-up trees
  • Stump treatment, clearing site, and chainsaw checks

Worth noting: Our course involves a lot of physical work, so you'll need at least a minimum level of fitness to successfully complete all the tasks.

Delivery method


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for people who work in; Arboriculture, Forestry, Agriculture, Horticulture, Woodland, Local Authorities, Conservation, Land-based industries.

Note: Due to the nature of the training a minimum level of fitness is required for specific operations. Whilst we would not want to disadvantage any learner it is an essential requirement.

What will be covered?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify hazards and risks, and produce a risk assessment for the site
  • Agree appropriate emergency plans/procedures for the worksite
  • Organise site safety in compliance with current good practice and relevant health and safety legislation, and state the procedures required
  • Assess the trees to be felled for hazards and risks
  • Assess the work site for environmental impact
  • Fell trees over 380mm/15”
  • Assess a leaning tree and the safest method of felling
  • Make accurate felling cuts in the correct positions
  • De-limb felled trees in a safe and methodical manner
  • Cross-cut timber accurately to required lengths
  • Assess and explain the terms tension and compression in timber
  • Adopt safe procedures to remove a trapped guide bar
  • Handle and stack timber in a safe manner
  • Assess a hung-up tree and the safest method of takedown
  • Select and prepare equipment required for safe and effective takedown
  • Check on the safety of takedown tools
  • Make accurate severing cuts in the correct positions
  • Select and use hand tools safely
  • Take down hung-up trees to a safe and stable position
  • State techniques which must not be used for the takedown of hung-up trees.


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