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Shotgun field shooting is an enduring pastime and business, and the loading and assisting role of a Loader is a vital part of a shoot's success.

Our course will help you to develop your skills in that role. As you'd expect, safety issues are paramount every step of the way.

The finer details

You'll need to have previous knowledge and experience in shooting to be eligible for our course.

You do not need to bring your own shotgun or slip as these will be provided on the day. 

We'll guide you through the key health and safety issues, as well as expected standards of behaviour.

You'll learn about the weapon itself and receive training in general firearms legislation.

The safe loading and handling of both single and double guns will be covered.

There will also be sessions on gun and equipment maintenance and driven grouse shooting.

Worth noting: You won't need to bring ammunition. This will be provided by the shooting school or ground.

You'll be permitted to handle, strip and clean the shotgun as directed by the instructor.


Delivery method

Classroom and practical assessment

Who should attend?

This product is designed for Learners who have experience of shotguns. The course is designed to consolidate and improve existing shotgun and field shooting competence as these apply to the loading and assisting role. Learners may progress to engagement as loaders and assistants in simulated driven clay activities; and, formal game shooting, either recreationally or linked to a work role requirement.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the professional role of the shooting loader
  • Appreciate the importance of appropriate standards of behaviour and etiquette in the shooting field
  • Identify main quarry species
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the sporting shotgun consistent with the role of the loader
  • Understand firearms legislation of relevance to the loader
  • Undertake shotgun cleaning and appropriate maintenance consistent with the role of the loader
  • Demonstrate safe shotgun handling and loading routines consistent with the use of a single gun
  • Demonstrate safe shotgun handling and loading routines consistent with the use of a pair of guns
  • Appreciate the process of risk assessment relevant to formal driven shooting
  • Demonstrate the management of risk by applying health and safety measures as a loader.

Other areas of interest

  • Safe Use and Handling - Shotgun
  • Shotgun Coaching.
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