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Stump grinders are powerful pieces of equipment.

They have the potential to be dangerous if used incorrectly or without adequate training.

Our course will help to minimise that risk by giving you the opportunity to practise and update your skills.

It's designed for anyone who already has stump grinder experience.

This is a hands-on refresher course that delivers both practical skills and health and safety guidance as well as demonstrating that you and your employer have completed sufficient training to meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

The finer details

This is an integrated training and assessment course.

Once it is completed, you'll receive a certificate of training.

We'll teach you the appropriate techniques to ensure you can use a stump grinder with skill and confidence.

You'll also learn all the relevant health and safety guidelines to help you stay protected.

Course sessions:

  • Risk assessment and emergency procedures
  • Health and safety guidelines and legislation
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Pre-use checks and machine safety features
  • Routine checks and maintenance
  • Cutter maintenance
  • Start the machine and carry out safety checks
  • Preparation of site, machine, and materials
  • Operation of stump grinder
  • Unblocking stump grinder
  • Re-instatement of excavation and disposal of arisings
  • Clearing, transport, and storage.

Delivery method


Who should attend?

This course is for those who have already undertaken stump grinder training and wish to refresh and update their skills.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Produce a site-specific risk assessment for stump grinding operations
  • State the principles of Health and Safety Executive legislation and safety guidelines for using a stump grinder
  • Select the appropriate PPE and state the maintenance requirements
  • Carry out operator checks and identify the safety features of a stump grinder
  • Carry out routine operator maintenance
  • Inspect and identify defects on the grinding mechanism
  • Prepare machine prior to operation, start the machine, carry out safety checks and stop machine
  • Prepare a work area and a range of stumps for grinding and identify hazardous materials not to be ground
  • Use approved techniques for safe and efficient stump grinding of a range of stump sizes
  • State the procedure for removing blockages
  • Re-instate ground and deal with arisings
  • Prepare machine for transport and storage.
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