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Most people working with trees will come across a bat at some point in their career, but not everyone is confident in knowing what they can and can’t do around these protected species, why these funny flying mammals are there and when they should call in expert help. 

Following this engaging and thought-provoking one-day course, you’ll be able to carry out tree works with consideration for the potential effects on bats and their habitats and stay within the laws regarding protected species.

The finer details

Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors combine classroom sessions with practical activities; carrying out scoping surveys of trees to build your confidence, skills and knowledge of bats and trees.

This course was developed by the Bat Conservation Trust and supported by the Arboricultural Association. It is in line with the British Standard 8596 - Surveying for bats in trees and woodland.

Arboriculture and Bats - Scoping Surveys for Arborists

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Recognised by

Arboricultural Association

Who should attend?

Anyone working with trees, arborists, tree surgeons, woodland managers, groundskeepers, or landowners.

What will be covered?

Throughout the duration of the course you will learn about;

  • Bat biology
  • Bat ecology
  • Bats and the law
  • Potential tree roost recognition
  • Where to go for help
  • Emergency procedures
  • Practical exercise.
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