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This course covers various aspects of Health and Safety on farms.
Injuries and illness ruin lives and businesses learn how to minimise the risks to yourself and those working on your farm.
Minimise the risk of formal enforcement action by the HSE following an inspection of your farm.

The finer details

This course will be delivered in a classroom setting.
The course will cover a number of important areas of farm safety, including falls from height and falling objects, livestock, vehicles and machinery, children on farms and HSE inspections and interventions. 

Who should attend?

This course has been developed for Farmers and those working on farms.

What will be covered?

The Agriculture Health and Safety: Preparing for Inspection course contains the following:

  • Introduction to working safely
  • Falls from heights and falling objects
  • Livestock
  • Vehicles and machinery
  • Children
  • Electricity
  • Drowning and asphyxiation
  • HSE inspections and interventions. 

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