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Given the nature of the potentially hazardous work undertaken by operatives working at height, a methodology of assessment which ensures the learner is occupationally competent has been designed.

This has been determined in collaboration with those who work in the industry and relevant professional bodies as well as ensuring that decisions which are made on competence are both valid and reliable.

The finer details

The Lantra Awards Level 3 Award has been developed to provide nationally recognised certification for those who work at height.

The Qualification aims to:

  • Ensure learners' understand legislation and standards relates to working at height
  • Assess learners' ability to effectively complete risk assessments
  • Assess learners' ability to use equipment and systems to work safely at height
  • Assess learners' ability to conduct aerial rescue.

Delivery method

Classroom and practical

Who should attend?

This qualification has been designed for individuals to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills for working at height and will enable them to work safely, effectively and efficiently in the workplace.

This qualification will be suitable for those currently in employment looking to enhance/update their skills and is also designed for those looking to progress into work and develop their career.

What will be covered?

At the end of the session the learner will:

  • Know the definition of working at height
  • Know which tasks to complete, or which may be completed, where they will be classified as working at height
  • Know the Health & Safety regulatory framework, which applies when working at height
  • Understand the impact of the Health and Safety executive on working at height
  • Know safe working practices for working at height
  • Be able to identify, assess and mitigate hazards and risks when working at height
  • Identify common causes of accidents
  • Understand how an accident might impact their life
  • Understand when a ladder is an appropriate choice for the job
  • Understand how to use a ladder safely
  • Understand how to assess a ladder before and during use
  • Understand basic concepts of safety around MEWPs
  • Understand basic concepts of safety around scaffolding
  • Know the danger presented by overhead power lines to workers preparing to work at height
  • Understand how to plan to work at height near overhead power lines
  • Know the various kinds of working at height specific PPE
  • Know truth from fact when working at height
  • Know what to do and what not to do when working at height
  • Create an action plan which is relevant to their current or future place of work.
  • Be able to safely prepare, erect, use and dismantle ladders.
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