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This e-learning course provides the training content. Here you can learn the information you need for the Animal Transport by Road qualification (short journey only). You can access the information presented as often as you like.

The assessment for the qualification will need to be booked separately - there are instructions on how to do this at the end of the course.

The finer details

This course contains audio and will require the use of speakers or headphones.

  • Our course is for drivers, attendants and assembly centre staff who handle animals
  • You'll be assessed in all the key regulatory and safety issues
  • It will enable you to work towards achieving a national Level 2 qualification 

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Who should attend?

This course should be taken by those who wish to achieve the Animal Transport by Road Level 2 qualification (short journey only).

What will be covered?

This E-Learning course consists of one core module and additional specialist modules in birds, cattle, goats, horses, pigs and sheep.

By the end of the course, transporters will have been assessed on:

  • Fitness for travel
  • Means for transport
  • Use of its facilities
  • Loading, unloading and handling
  • Watering and feeding intervals, journey times and rest periods
  • Space allowances and documentation

Marketing and assembly centre staff will have been assessed on:

  • Fitness, handling and separation