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The course will cover all aspects of handling, maintenance and training , enabling the student to maintain, operate and advise on the capabilities of their Stoat Detection Dog.

Novice handlers will complete the full course, experienced handlers that can demonstrate prior knowledge an dog handling skills, need only attend the module.

The finer details

The course will focus on the latest detection dog training methodologies using science-based techniques including learning theory.

Maintaining the dog at the required level incorporating nutrition, fitness, health and first aid.

The student using a trained detection dog, or their own (this will need to be assessed for suitability) will learn how to operate a detection dog carry out representative tasks looking for Stoats.

Course numbers are limited in order for the student to gain as much practical experience as possible with qualified instructors in the field.

Course assessments are externally assessed to provide credibility to the course and the students taking part.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has a love of the environment, becoming a dog handler or just experiencing life as a detection dog handler.

What will be covered?

Basic Animal Care & Maintenance 

Health & Safety

Preparing a Detection Dog to tasks/ Operations (Stoats)

Conducting Detection Dog Tasks (areas specific to Stoats)

Conduct Canine First Aid

Conduct Continuation Training

Supporting other agencies involved in Conservation.


Other areas of interest

Students will learn with a fully trained detection dog, receive a certificate of completion and be in a position to enter the field as a conservation detection dog handler in what is fast becoming a growth industry.

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