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This 3-day course aims to provide survey and inspection training for vegetation management in proximity to the National Grid overhead line network and infrastructure. The course will enable you to identify defects from ground level and identify when an aerial inspection is required. This course will train you in how to specify the necessary remedial works and record the inspection process around transmission infrastructure.

Introduction - This is an advanced course. You will need to be an experienced surveyor or consentor with a good basic knowledge and understanding of plant and arboricultural science. You will learn how to competently inspect vegetation specifically to the National Grid vegetation management contract.

The finer details

This training will enable you to inspect vegetation in proximity to National Grid overhead lines and infrastructure, but you will need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of tree health and have experience in carrying out tree surveys and inspections.

You will learn how to identify decay fungi that cause concern in the UK and learn the impact/effect/significance of those fungi. This will be open book with the use of books and Apps. This will enable you to make appropriate management recommendations to ensure tree safety and network resilience.

The training will also include post work audits interpretating line height and sag data in conjunction with species growth rate information.

The course involves a balanced mix of theory and practical sessions.

You will learn how to specify the necessary remedial works and record the inspection process.


Delivery method


Who should attend?

This course is for those who will be surveying and inspecting vegetation in proximity to National Grid infrastructure. 

What will be covered?

  • How to carry out a survey on National Grid sites
  • How to complete a tree inspection and specify remedial works to achieve a timed clearance from trees to conductors
  • How to complete a post work audit
  • Legislation and best practice relating to tree inspection around powerlines
  • Tree species, growth rates and other key characteristics
  • Understanding tree defects
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