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• over the course of 10 weeks to teach the basic concepts of The Natural Way at the Introductory Level:
• hierarchy, dominance (not aggression) and submission; the pack and hunting;
• respect (between handler and dog and between dog and sheep);
• pressure-release (using the dog’s own language);
• verbal and non-verbal (NVC) communications principles and practice;
• different types of block to communicate with different types of dogs in terms of level of dominance–submission in various situations (it is not expected that Introductory level participants
will be able to master all of these in practice at this level, simply to be aware of the subtleties and shades of meanings and to be able to implement a basic neutral block);
• to develop participants’ skill in handling their dogs at hand using The Natural Way in order to facilitate co-operation and a working and respectful bond

The finer details

The working dog (hierarchy; dominance and submission; the pack and the hunt; hunting energy; replacing hunt and chase instincts with calm working instinct;)

Natural Way: understanding sheep and dogs (stock sense; how the dogs work sheep; why stopping the dog all the time gets the dog’s instincts to control stock)

Natural Way: overview of training approach (linked to Julie’s book chapter)

Natural Way: language and communications (body language/nonverbal communication (NVC); ask, tell and insist; moving through resistance/avoidance/acceptance)

Natural Way: principles of pressure release (using the dog’s own language; how sheep can alter dynamics; respect and attitude; dominance and submission; avoiding pressure and resistance to pressure – how incorrect use can create issues and the wrong attitude)

Theory foundations

Overall aim of what the finished dog can do in thought and action; communications; balance; pressure-release; the block; movement; ask/tell/insist; roundpen; natural fetching and driving; the stop; invisible line.
Natural Way Sheepdog Training Introducton

Delivery method


Who should attend?

The courses are for those who work with sheep and who are interested in improving their understanding and handling of sheepdogs by studying The Natural Way and gradually being able to
practice its precepts.

What will be covered?

As above and on course document
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