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• builds on the Introductory foundation and starts with some revision of concepts and practice

• develops participants’ ability to read stock

• develops critical abilities in relation to the reading of a dog’s temperament on and off sheep

• develops the ability of the handler to help the dog to feel its sheep

• helps the handler to develop better feel

• helping the handle to help their dog use pressure release on sheep

• explains the concept of a dog’s ‘method’ and how this may be analysed (different types of dog)

• explains how a dog may become dulled to pressure and how this may be rectified

• develops initiative and thought patterns in the dog.

• explains how experience and learning from different terrain develops the dog’s mind.

The finer details

  • How it helps the dog gather (and why it is important not to put pressure on command). Revision of Introductory Level Foundation skills – making sure the movement and response of the dog are correct.
  • Three levels of flanks – body language and command association
  • Importance of handler response to dog’s action – dog’s response should only be accepted if it is correct
  • How to assess the dog’s temperament on/off sheep – identifying behaviours/manner that indicate differences between attitude on sheep and attitude off sheep
  • How to teach the dog to use pressure-release on sheep
  • How to teach the dog to think for itself in work situations
  • How to enhance the dog’s ability to feel its sheep
  • How to judge how much freedom to work is appropriate for the dog’s level/ability
  • Different types of dog in terms of method
  • Reading stock
Natural Way Sheepdog Training Intermediate

Delivery method


Who should attend?

Graduates of the Introduction to The Natural Way

What will be covered?

  • As above on course document.
  • Instructional videos, case studies.
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