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This module provides knowledge and skills of the Operator function in vegetation fires for wildfire incidents and prescribed fire operations. The module is a prerequisite for Prescribed Fire Manager.

The finer details

The Operator module provides operational knowledge via online learning of vegetation fires, including wildfire incidents and prescribed fire operations and skills via a one-day workshop using practical dry training exercises. The module is broken up into units which include:

  1. Identify the hazards and evaluate the risks that are likely to be found in the workplace
  2. Reduce the risks likely to be found in the workplace
  3. Respond to health emergencies in the workplace
  4. Prepare for vegetation fire control
  5. Control vegetation fires
  6. Communicate effectively at vegetation fires
  7. Operate within an organisational structure at vegetation fires
  8. Prepare hand tools for vegetation fire control activities
  9. Use hand tools to control vegetation fires
  10. Prepare pumps, hose and ancillary equipment for use at vegetation fires
  11. Set up and operate a pump in a vegetation fire situation
  12. Deliver water through hoses and nozzles to control vegetation fire
  13. Prepare ignition devices and ancillary equipment for use at vegetation fires
  14. Apply ignition devices following specified firing plans.

Module also provides a structured approach for delegates to undertake a pathway to competence using an employer led assessed logbook approach based on industry guidance to:

  • use consolidation and practice as well as experience gained over time to be assess competent by an employer.
  • use practice, Continued Professional Development (CPD) and maintenance of skills as well as update and refresher training to remain competent as understanding of knowledge, skills and ability evolves.


Vegetation Fire Operator Module (Skills Card)

Delivery method


Who should attend?

For operators (i.e. Forest Crafts Persons, Underkeeper's, Rangers, Workers, Volunteers, Wardens, Contractors) and researchers working in; forestry, conservation, game management, agriculture, rural and urban land management. Includes those who are looking to develop an operational level knowledge and skills with operational application for wildfire incidents and prescribed fire operations. Also relevant to managers as a prerequisite for Prescribed Fire Manager module and supervisors managing staff during incidents and operations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Where a person has an identified learning difficulty, this type of on-line learning and assessment may not be suitable. Reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure that all people are included and have an equal opportunity to pass the assessment. Please contact your training advisor for further advice and support.

The practical elements of some modules; Vegetation Fire Operator, Prescribed Fire Manager and Wildfire Management Plan, require a reasonable level of fitness and physical ability. The assessments may take place in remote landscapes and will require the learner to be able to working in challenging terrain and condition.

For the Vegetation Fire Operator module learners will be required to demonstrate their ability to use hand tools, carry equipment, work and move over challenging terrain, operator machinery etc. Where possible, reasonable adjustments will be made to facilitate learning, but please contact your training advisor to discuss and confirm the level of support required especially if you are pregnant or have a disability that could affect your safety. It may not be possible to make all practical training venues or outdoor locations fully accessible.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and mitigate hazards relating to vegetation fire.
  • Identify and respond to health emergencies relating to vegetation fire activities.
  • Understand the safe system of work; LACES and the Incident Command System.
  • Plan for and suppress vegetation fires using appropriate tactics.
  • Define the functions within the Incident Command System in a variety of roles.
  • Prepare and use hand tools for vegetation fire suppression.
  • Prepare equipment and deliver water for vegetation fire suppression.
  • Prepare and use ignition devices safely to achieve the required outcomes from a Prescribed Fire Operation Plan.

The module is divided into units which are assessed.

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