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Too many zoos and wildlife parks are woefully ill equipped and ill prepared to deal with emergencies concerning dangerous animals.

The course offers easily accessible, affordable access, and an invaluable insight into subjects such as the appropriate choice of weapons, firearm licensing, how to liaise with the emergency services, how to approach dangerous animals, the relationship between shot placement and shot reaction along with and a whole wealth of additional expertise that is delivered by an existing trusted provider of zookeeper training via an e-learning platform.

The finer details

Coming from an extensive Police background and with over a decade of experience delivering firearms training to zoos & wildlife parks, lead instructor Peter S Jones has spent his career dealing with emergency situations and dangerous animals. Here he delivers a comprehensive, high quality, zookeeper course via a convenient online platform that is available to zoos and wildlife parks throughout the UK.

Delivery method


Recognised by

CDS Firearms Training

Who should attend?

  • Zookeepers
  • Zoo Managers
  • Owners and/or CEO of Zoos & Wildlife Parks

What will be covered?

  • Understand the need for firearms training in zoos
  • Appreciate firearms safety & understand the component parts of a firearm
  • Select the correct weapon for the requirements
  • Choose the right calibre and ammunition
  • Understand the basic rules of marksmanship
  • Understand the relationship between shot placement and shot reaction
  • Understand the principles of ‘contact & cover’ and ‘reactionary gap’
  • Understand how to follow up on shot animals
  • Be able to implement sound procedures for dealing with emergencies concerning dangerous animal 
  • Understanding how to liaise effectively with the emergency services
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