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Whether you have owned dogs for many years, about to embark on your first canine journey or are a pet professional wanting to expand your canine knowledge, this Canine Health and Welfare course is for you. Here you will learn how to identify illness and any actions you may need to take.

The finer details

This course consists of 3 online modules that cover the knowledge of common diseases and health issues relevant to dogs in the UK, and a short assessment of multiple choice and true/false questions. 

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Canine Health And Welfare (E-Learning)

Delivery method


Who should attend?

The course is suitable for pet professions such as dog walkers, groomers, kennel owners, and anyone working with dogs. Dog owners will also find it useful. 

What will be covered?

Module 1 covers: The Animal Welfare Act, Microchipping, Performing a basic health check, Grooming, Nutrition, Canine Enrichment, Giving Medication, How a Dog Shows Pain, Zoonosis and Vaccination.

Module 2 covers: Common Canine Diseases, Endoparasites and Ectoparasites.

Module 3 covers: The Brachycephalic Dog, Inherited Health Issues, Care of the Senior Dog, Common Health Problems in Senior Dogs, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Cancer and Mental Decline.  

Other areas of interest

We would also recommend that dog owners and pet professionals undertake the Canine First Aid course. This course will equip you with valuable dog first aid skills and the confidence to cope in emergency situations with your dog or a dog in your care.