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The aim of Simulator Training is to allow the candidate to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding required to operate a machine within the relevant sector of the industry. The Simulator training is unique, it will enable operatives to train in a safe and environmentally friendly way. It will cut costs for employers due to lack of down time and damage free risk to their own machines and along with following procedures in their ECO impact statement. The Simulator covers a range of different machines plus attachments, and it gives technical data on the driving abilities of each candidate. The Simulator is suited from the beginner to the advanced and can also be used for rehabilitation purposes to enable candidates to gain or upgrade their skill set.

The simulator offers a range Certification options of plant machines, attachments and vehicles including; Wheeled 360 Excavator, 360 Excavator, Tractor, Grader, Dozer, Timber Truck, Truck Mounted Hiab Crane, Articulated Lorry, Ridged Lorry, Articulated Dumper, Forklift and Telescopic Handler

The finer details

The aim of the course is to provide the candidate with the knowledge and experience required for checking, operating and securing of the machine in a workplace environment.

The four day beginners programme can accommodate up to six candidates over four days, based on 25 learning/assessment hours. The day is to start at 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

The aim of each program is for the candidate to gain LANTRA certification on the category of plant.

Course schedule:

Day 1. Induction to the centre and the learning environment.

Power Point: in relation to the responsibilities of a machine operator.

Introduction of the candidates to the simulator, learning the controls and checks and shut down procedures.

Day 2. Practice in different environment’s and driving techniques.

Day 3. Progressive driving, ECO driving and changing of attachments (if applicable).

Theory test, based on the responsibilities of a machine operator.

Day 4. Re-evaluation and assessment. Feed Back .


The aim of the One Day Programme is to assess and upskill the knowledge of experienced operators in line with workplace regulations and progressive learning.

The course will accommodate up to six candidates over the age of 18 years based on eight learning/Assessment hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The aim of each program is for the candidates to achieve LANTRA certification on the category of plant.

The running schedule of the course consists of.

Introduction to the centre and learning environment.

PowerPoint; in relation to the responsibilities of machine operators.

Introduction of candidates to the simulator.

Discuss and demonstrate the capabilities of the simulator along with the requirements of each module.

Practice different modules and use the applicable functions of the particular machine.

THEORY TEST to be undertaken by candidates in relation to machine operator’s responsibilities.

Candidates to be assessed in accordance with the program set out on the simulator and also in conjunction with the candidate’s workplace requirements.

Feed Back form to be completed by candidates.

Delivery method

Classroom and practical

Recognised by

Lantra Awards

Who should attend?

This course is for you if you are interested in learning how to operate Plant Machinery and Vehicles, or if you are an experienced operator of Plant Machinery and Vehicles and wish to upskill in an environmentally friendly environment.

What will be covered?

  • Be able to carry out simulated operational checks
  • Be able to carry out work activities.
  • Be able to Park, Shut Down and secure the machine correctly.
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