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This training course consists of 3 training modules. 

The finer details

To gain the qualification, Learners will be required to take an online proctored exam after completing this training course. Once booked, the Learner will have 7 days (168 hours) to complete the exam.

Equipment requirements: online access, suitable PC, laptop. A webcam and a microphone are needed for the exam.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to identify and deal with an infestation of mice or rats, or needs to know how to control the risk of an infestation taking place. 

What will be covered?

This training course covers:

  • the legislative requirements for rodent pest management
  • reasons for control
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • the biology and behaviour for a specific range of rodent pests
  • how to survey to assess the level of rodent infestation
  • how to apply an eradication campaign for the specific active rodent species
  • the control risk hierarchy for the control of rodent pests
  • how to monitor on an ongoing basis to manage future rodent activity.