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Controlling grey squirrels is a key job in many agricultural businesses.

But ensuring the management of grey squirrel problems is both humane and effective requires specific training.

That's where our course comes in.

Our comprehensive training is ideal for anyone undertaking pest control in land-based or related industries.

It's designed for both novice and more experienced operators.

The finer details

This is a training course.

You'll receive a certificate of attendance once it is completed.

Our course involves a balanced mix of theory and practical sessions.

We'll provide a full working knowledge of both preventative and curative control methods.

You'll learn how to implement and monitor an appropriate control programme.

Assessing and using the most efficient and safe methods with due regard to the environment will be central to what you learn.

Course sessions:

  • Reasons for Controlling Grey Squirrels
  • Legislation
  • The Biology and Behaviour of Grey Squirrels
  • Use of Traps to Control Grey Squirrels
  • Other Methods of Control for Grey Squirrels.
Grey Squirrel Control Trapping Techniques

Delivery method

Classroom and practical

Who should attend?

Our course is for anyone who wishes to control rodents in a commercial environment or undertake pest control predominantly in land-based or related industries.

What will be covered?

Once you've finished our course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the reasons why grey squirrels must be controlled
  • Identify grey squirrels and the typical symptoms of damage caused
  • Understand the legislation associated with grey squirrel control
  • Understand the relationship with red squirrels
  • Understand the difference between hazards and risks
  • Understand the biology and behaviour of grey squirrels and their importance in relation to control methods
  • Know the different types of traps currently in use which can be legally used against grey squirrels
  • Survey an area for grey squirrel activity
  • Set traps effectively to catch grey squirrels so that other animals are not put in danger
  • Understand why it is necessary to know how to dispatch captured grey squirrels humanely.
  • Know alternative methods of controlling grey squirrels.
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