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The finer details

  • Pest identification and behaviour
  • Rodenticides and non-toxic solutions
  • Farm assessment
  • Building assessment - the buildings will be assessed for rodent and bird ingress and how to reduce the risk of these pests accessing farm buildings
  • Implementing pest control treatment
  • Follow up procedures
  • Setting up long term pest control solutions
  • Managing your pest management paperwork and procedures

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Who should attend?

  • Farm owner
  • Land agent
  • Farm manger
  • Farm staff

What will be covered?

  • Understand the pest issue and identify the correct pest species
  • Successfully control pest populations within the farm
  • Successfully maintain a high standard of pest control
  • Prevent reinfestation
  • Safe use of rodenticides
  • Importance of non-toxic solutions
  • Complying with audit specification
  • Selecting and using rodenticides
  • Supply of equipment and materials
  • Set up and installation of required audit specification paperwork
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