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There will be 7 sessions of 90 minutes duration.

Each session will build on the previous one and increase the training of the skills that the dog will need, reinforcing that it is ‘working’.

  • Train the dog to walk calmly to heel throughout the premises through doors and up and down stairs.
  • Train the dog to lie on a mat and stay there until told to move.
  • Train the dog to meet unknown adults and children without getting over excited and jumping up.
  • Introduce the dog to a variety of situations, e.g. individual children, small groups, assemblies, busy corridors and playgrounds.  
  • Expose the dog to different sounds, e.g. bells, whistles, fire alarms, children shouting and train the dog to remain calm.

Delivery method

Theory and Practical

Who should attend?

School dog owners.

What will be covered?

  • The dog understands that it is ‘working’.
  • Walks calmly to heel throughout the school.
  • Has good basic obedience.
  • Doesn’t show any signs of nervousness or anxiety.
  • Meets children and adults in a calm, friendly manner without getting over excited or jumping up.
  • Enters classrooms quietly and settles in a designated area.
  • Doesn’t pick up items from the floor.
  • Remains calm in various situations (group and individual reading sessions, one – to – one counselling, assemblies, passing children in corridors)
  • Doesn’t react to different sounds (bells, whistles, fire alarms, children shouting and running)
  • Become a calming, supportive help to children with specific needs.
  • Has a positive effect on staff moral.
  • Help individuals to overcome dog phobias.
  • Raises the profile of the school
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