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The finer details

Intake Part One:

Theory Sessions are presented via Distance learning found on the learning platform. This consists of Self-study, research, and independent assignments. This will check individual learning and retention of understanding.

*Full support is provided to the learner as required by the allocated course tutor / Industry expert on registration. Assignments will be marked, and feedback given to support learners to complete.



The history of the Bridle and Bits

Learning about the horse’s head- Includes the anatomy, facial nerves and Teeth

Bridle Materials

How to clean and look after leather

How to fit a range of nosebands correctly 

Bits and care

The Hyoid

Recognising an ill- fitting bridle

Unit Assignment to complete the Introduction to bridle and bit fitting course

Following Progression Course Master Bridle - Bit Fitting Course

The learners will read and study through the units in their own time at home. They have a personal tutor to help them as required. When they have completed the units they complete end the of unit assignment that will be marked to ensure the learner has retained and understood the unit. This is completed with the content from the unit book and further study. Additional links are provided to help the learner extend their research.  

Delivery method


Who should attend?

Horse owners wanting to learn more about fitting a bridle or bit to their horse and anyone thinking of going into fitting bridles and bits as an introduction and entrance onto our Master bridle fitting course. This is a fully packed course with lots of helpful information to give you an awareness of bridles and bits without overloading you.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course you should:

  • Be able to recognise a well-fitting bridle and an ill-fitting bridle
  • Have an understanding of the importance of the horses Anatomy and teeth
  • Be able to list the range of nosebands and there uses
  • List the importance of the Hyoid and the importance of it being free
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